Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long will it take for me to receive my new Goldwan Design Security Door?
A In addition to the time required for doors and window grilles to be custom made for specific openings, the extensive manufacturing, galvanising, and powder coating processes require an approximate 4 to 5 week turn around. How your Goldwan Design Security Door is made page.


Q Which design do you think I should choose?
A A member of our experienced sales team can take you through the great range of designs including custom designs that will best enhance the look of your property and provide superior physical barrier security.


Q Where will the door be installed?
A We will determine the ideal position to have your new Goldwan Design Security door or window grille installed.


Q Is there a wide range of colours?
A The answer is yes! Goldwan Design Security choose to use colours from the Dulux Powder Coating Range.
Top 5 colours

Q Does Goldwan Design Security make the door?
A Yes! Goldwan Design Security make all our security doors and grilles “in house” using quality Australian Bluescope Steel products.

Q What types of locks and handles are available?
A Goldwan Design Security doors are custom made so can use a wide range of locks and architectural designed handles.

Q Can my new Goldwan Design Security Door have the same key as my front Door?
A In most cases - yes we can match your key to the lock on your new Goldwan Design Security door.

Q How long will the installation of my Goldwan Design Security Door take?
A That depends on the size and where your Goldwan Design Security door or window grille is to be installed. Generally a door takes from 40 minutes to an hour. And for a window grille 20 to 30 minutes.

Q Do I need to be there when my Goldwan Design Security door is being installed?
A Yes! We like to make sure your completely happy with your new Goldwan Design Security door or window grille, and if you have any questions, our experienced technicians can answer them for you.